Free Charlottesville Seminar – Healthy Weight Healthy Body

Free Healthy Weight Healthy Body Charlottesville Seminar

By Lisa Olko, RN, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Paul Olko, ND, Herbalist, Amanda Shipe, Nutritionist

Saturday January 14 2012, 10:00am-1:00pm

English Inn, 2000 Morton Dr., Charlottesville VA

To RSVP or to receive more information, call Paul or Lisa Olko at 434-973-1700, or email


  • Learn how to live in a healthy body and at a healthy weight maintaining muscle while burning fat.
  • Learn about therapeutic lifestyle changes to improve your health through the FirstLine Therapy Program.
  • FirstLine Therapy is a clinically proven program which utilizes and incorporates education of balanced eating, meal planning, nutritional supplementation, exercise and movement practices as well as stress management techniques.

This free seminar will include a power point presentation, question and answer period, Free BMI (Body Mass Index) and BIA (Bio Impedence Analysis) readings as well as refreshments and free samples.