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Location: 407-B Monticello Road Charlottesville, VA 22902 (Belmont)
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La Taza means “the cup” when translated from the Spanish language and la tertulia is an informal gathering in which participants chat about current topics, whether they be sports, politics, or local news. Our goal at La Taza Coffeehouse is to give you the “perfect” cup of café (coffee) and an environment where the conversation flows freely. At La Taza we aim to provide you with a little taste of cultures from around the Latin world in a clean and casual environment that is perfect for your tertulia! We are dedicated to providing you with affordable prices, a comfortable atmosphere and excellent customer service. Thank you for your support!

About the owners

Melissa dreamed of opening a coffee shop in Charlottesville, Virginia ever since her travels throughout Central and South America. She loved the custom of “tertulia” that she experienced within the walls of the little cafés and tiendas (shops) that littered the streets of Peru and Costa Rica. The Spanish term “tertulia” is used to express a cherished custom that is very common in many parts of the Spanish speaking world. It consists of groups of friends that meet at the same time, same place, every day, once a week, or once a month. The participants generally converse at a bar or café where they drink wine, beer or coffee to pass the time and discuss such issues as sports, local news and politics. Melissa longed to provide a similar gathering place for friends and neighbors alike, as well as the occasional out-of-towner. She has truly accomplished her goal with La Taza Coffeehouse. Melissa has provided her customers with an eloquent mix of Latin American flair and Southern charm. We hope you enjoy your visit and continue to carry on the tertulia tradition!

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