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On the First Friday of every month, art galleries open up their doors to showcase their featured artist of the month. Since most galleries are clustered in and around the downtown mall area, it is convenient to hop from one gallery to the next, check out the artwork, nibble on the snacks and drink some vino, and then end up at one of the many bars and restaurants on the mall. All in all, a perfect evening!

A true connoisseur of Charlottesville's art world will know the following:

  • the galleries that serve food and wine
  • the galleries that feature nationally-recognized artists
  • the galleries that specialize in local talents
  • the galleries that are kind of snooty
  • the galleries where you will meet art snobs

We won't go into any more details here and will let you discover Charlottesville's art world for yourself.

Galleries around the downtown mall area

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